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We're a group of science and tech organizations collaborating to create a universal system for decentralized planetary-scale modeling, decision-making, and automation. Our goal is to help humanity address 21st-century challenges like climate change and AI alignment, fostering a positive future for our planet.

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An open alliance between:

the Metacrisis

Think of the Metacrisis as a collision of global crises – ecological, psychological, cultural, economic – that combine to create total risk for our species and planet. What awaits us on the other side of the Metacrisis – if we survive it: a Third Attractor where our global system is intentionally and wisely managed at every scale, creating lasting prosperity and resilience for all.

Core principles



We create intelligible, open systems that empower users to make sense of the world and make well-informed decisions.



Our systems embed an awareness of planetary boundaries and the deep fabric of interconnectedness that underpins the survival of our species and biosphere.



Our systems are anchored in real-world data and tangible context, ensuring accurate, relevant, and reliable outcomes.



Our systems seamlessly collaborate, exchange information and discover each other, achieving exponentially more useful outcomes through shared protocols.

We might find ways to ground human decision-making in the basic evolutionary unfolding of the world.

Rather than projecting

what people want onto the world

We might look for ways to listen in to

what the world is calling for.

- Frederic Laloux

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